What’s involved in a garden plan?

Creating a garden plan begins with step one: meeting you on site. Seeing a garden in person is much more effective than photos or email. I will come to the garden site and analyze the size, sun exposure, soil quality, and deer activity of the garden. Photos and measurements will be taken to further analyze the site for plant compatibility and reference material.

Once this is done, the plan is created. I take my time to ensure the best plants are chosen for your unique garden space, taking the time to consider the growth of the plants, how large they will get, and if they spread easily within the garden. This is to ensure that your garden will not become overcrowded or difficult to maintain.

When this plan is finished, a meeting will be set up so that I can go over the design, make sure you understand each plant, and be able to make any changes for you. The design preparation and installation will begin once you are satisfied with the plan.


Cost:  Varies depending on job size.