Steps taken for a Garden Plan

The steps I take to create a design will first involve meeting with you on site and listening to your needs and wishes.  I will take lots of pictures and ask lots of questions to understand the challenges that face your site and the wishes you have for improving it. I will then prepare a proposal and quote for designing your site.

If you decide to hire me for your garden design after reviewing the proposal, my next step will be to revisit your site and take measurements of the desired green space you would like changed. I will inventory and analyze your site measuring the area, taking soil samples and checking topsoil depths, light exposure and directions, checking natural drainage elements, outbuildings and house location and a list of the plants at your site. This is the time to get to know what exists on your site and around it.

Analysis Plan

My next step is sending you a garden question
naire. This will help me to understand your needs, wants, likes and dislikes and will guide me to creating the garden space you envision and one that will work with your location.

Concept Design

Our next meeting will involve all the information we have gathered above to create the Concept Plan. With the physical elements outlined and other valuable features noted in the analysis plan and customer questionnaire our guideline is set to create the best fit for all the features you would like. We will sit down and create a bubble diagram over the analysis plan placing desired features such as activity areas, pathways, patios, vegetable garden etc., in specific areas within the plan.

Design Phase 1

After checking Municipal and Environmental regulations and codes a preliminary design plan will be the next step I will do to refining the concept plan.  This is a good time for you to look at your installation budget and what is acceptable for materials that will be used in the garden. Consider initial costs, durability, maintenance and environmental pros and cons when looking at materials. With plant material, size and numbers will dictate the costs.

After all considerations have been examined and reviewed I will create the final garden plan. This will include a plant lists with names, sizes and quantities, a hardscape list which may include objects like stepping stones, decorative pots, and bird baths. Costs can also be outlined if you would like me to give you a quote for installing this plan. You will receive a copy of each plan produced for your site and I will keep a copy for my records in case of need for other copies.

Final Plan

Cost:  varies depending on job size